The LeaderShop

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Since 1978, The LeaderShop (formerly CEP Youth Leadership) has been providing a safe and welcoming environment for elementary through high school aged youth.

The LeaderShop’s programs range from mentoring and leadership to performance groups, outreach/volunteer services and special community-based events. Students are encouraged to express themselves by getting involved in our diverse programs, which are designed to give youth the tools, confidence and passion to want to make a difference in their community.

Involvement in The LeaderShop changes lives, not only for our youth participants, but for their families, friends, and neighbors. We take an active role in helping today’s youth grow into productive, responsible young adults. Our major programs are:

High School Leadership ProgramJunior High Leadership Program
"Watch My Feet" Performance GroupMentoring
Girls' GroupGuys' Group
Camp LeaderShop summer campTutoring (after-school) programs

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The LeaderShop empowers youth to become community-minded individuals through diverse programs that foster confidence, knowledge and leadership.

The LeaderShop aspires to build an ever-growing network of youth energized by service and responsibility to self, community and the world. These youth are given the tools, confidence and passion to want to make a difference in their communities and in their own lives.