General Info

Race Start Times

5:45 PM   All Ages 1-Lap Race (1/4 mile)

First Heat: for athletes whose predicted finish time is under 2 min.
Second Heat
: for athletes whose predicted finish time is over 2 min.
Races will be on the track inside the LTHS Practice Field at Cossitt and Gilbert Avenues

6:00 PM   Wheelchair Race (1/4 mile)

Race will start on Cossitt Ave (near Sunset Ave) and end at the 5K finish line on Cossitt. Open to anyone in a wheelchair—from competitive racers to those who need a push. For people in wheelchairs and their registered assistants only.

6:15 PM   Kids’ 1-Mile Race (ages 11 and under):

Race starts & finishes on Cossitt Ave just E of Gilbert (click red markers on map)

7:00 PM   5K Run/Walk Race (3.1 miles):

Race starts & finishes on Cossitt Ave just E of Gilbert (click red markers on map)

Come Early: Please plan to arrive about an hour before your or your child’s race (whichever is earlier). Allow time to check in your gear, stretch, drink water, and/or use the porta-potty.


Packet Pickup
Wednesday, June 6th: 12 P.M. to 7 P.M.
Thursday, June 7th: 12 P.M. to 7 P.M.
The LeaderShop, 4903 Willow Springs Road, La Grange (across from LTHS South)

IF NECESSARY, Pick up Your Packet on Friday, June 8: 2:00 to 5:45 P.M. at
LTHS practice field located at Cossitt and Gilbert Avenues, La Grange.
No packets will be distributed past the close of the packet pickup on
Friday, June 8th at 5:45 P.M. NO EXCEPTIONS!

Friends and/or family members may pick up your packet for you. Just send them with a copy of your confirmation email.

Minimum Pace Requirement (5K Race)
Please note that a 18-minute mile pace (a brisk walk) or faster is required. If you fall below this pace, the race organizers can no longer guarantee course support. Medical support, portable toilets and road closures will begin to become unavailable to participants. The local police and race organizers will ask you to either move onto the sidewalk or require you to be transported further up on the course to catch up to the 18-min-per-mile group.

Visit our course page for more information.

Lineup at Start of 5K and Kids’ 1-Mile Races
All participants in the 5K and Kids’ 1-Mile races will line up at the start/finish line based on their self-predicted finish time: the race director will call participants to line up in groups based on finish-time ranges. Each participant’s timing begins only when her/his bib passes the start line. Please check your bag at gear check before proceeding to the start line area. Strollers are allowed in the 5K but must begin at the back of the pack at the start line.

Determination of 5K and Kids’ 1-Mile Race Winners
The 5K and 1-Mile races will be timed on a digital clock connected to an electronic sensor (at the start/finish line) which detects the timing chip on each participant’s bib. In compliance with CARA (Chicago Area Runners Association) rules, the winner (male and female) of each of these races will be the registered participant who the race director sees crossing the finish line first, even if (highly unlikely) the digital timing indicates that another participant finished in a faster time.

Gear Check
Gear check will be available to all registered participants from 5:15 PM to 8:30 PM. Please be sure your bag is clearly labeled with your name before leaving it at gear check. The LeaderShop is not responsible for lost, damaged or misplaced items.

Bags may be left at the official gear check table ONLY. Unattended bags at the event will be immediately removed and discarded. 

Race Timing
Each participant’s race bib will include a B-Tag timing chip. Please do not remove the B-Tag from your bib! It is the only way our timing system can tell when you cross the starting line and cross the finish line.

Results for each participant will include finish time and pace. Official results will be posted online (at by the following Monday, June 11th.

In order to receive an accurate time, please be sure your bib is:

  • Yours . . . not accidentally switched with another participant’s
  • Clearly visible on the front of your body (preferably above waist-level)
  • Unaltered and unmodified: do not fold, crumple or add markings to it
  • Pinned in all four corners
  • Not covered (jackets, runner belts, water bottles, etc.)

Top finishers will receive La Grange Rocks medals!
1st, 2nd and 3rd overall male and female finishers will be awarded medals for the 5K and Kids’ 1-Mile races.
All 1st, 2nd and 3rd place male and female finishers in the 5K and Kids’ 1-Mile races will receive medals.
All participants are only eligible for one award medal.

5K Race Age Groups: male and female groups for ages:

10 & Under
11 – 12
13 – 14
15 – 16
17 – 19
20 – 24
25 – 29
30 – 34
35 – 39
40 – 44
45 – 49
50 – 54
55 – 59
60 – 64
65 – 69
70 & Up
1-Mile Race Age Groups:
boys and girls groups for ages:
7 & Under
9 – 10
The awards ceremony will take place in the post race party at approximately 8 P.M. If you are a top finisher and are unable to pick up your medal after the race, please contact Abigail at The LeaderShop: or 708.579.5898 to arrange delivery.